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HP LaserJet Supply Error 10.00.00 happens most often when a customer installs a new toner cartridge (the error suddenly appears on the display). This can also occur after the cartridge has been in the machine for a while or when the wrong cartridge has installed in the printer.

This 10.00.00 HP LaserJet Supply Error is more often than not related to the chip on the toner cartridge. This can also caused by the reader inside the machine. Personally, I’ve never seen this error occur when using an HP OEM cartridge. I have only seen it when a customer is using a rebuilt or third-party cartridge.

In the HP 4200 and 4250 series the 38 and 42 cartridges can go into either machine. While they are hard to get in and out if interchanged, it can be done. When customers have multiple units of each printer in their business. They occasionally install the wrong cartridge, which leads to me getting a phone call because they’re now getting this supply error and they can’t get the cartridge out of the printer.

Solution For HP LaserJet Supply Error

The machine will come up to a ready state after it is turned on or after the cartridge has been reinstalled and then immediately go into an attention state and give this error. However, in most cases the machine will work with this error.

When the customer tries to reinstall the cartridge a few more times, or hits a few buttons and the error never goes away, they finally call for service. I’ve always been able to clear the error by pressing the OK button a few times. Interestingly, on a P2055 machine, the instructions say to hit the OK button. But my experience with this model is it only clears the error when I press the OK button twice. I’ve also seen this in the HP 4200 series―having to press the back button or the OK button a few times.

If your customer is using third party cartridges, you may install another cartridge and get the same result. In my experience, I have had occasions where I’ve put in three different cartridges with the same result but the fourth one worked. It’s pretty random.

The only way you can truly test this is to install an OEM cartridge. If installing an OEM doesn’t fix the error then you will want to clean the card reader contacts. To do so, find the chip on the cartridge and find the contacts inside the machine. Clean the contacts and verify that they are not benting. Typically, they are spring loaded so make sure that is happening. Most the ones I’ve seen plug into a card reader board or the DC controller board. Reseat the connectors and check again.

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HP Laserjet Supply Error
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